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Turds!! – A college student pranque

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According to WikipediA, this immage was gotten up and spread about by some Indiana University students many many years Ago (1890). For the better education of the students of to-day, it is transcribed below.

The [index] is for glyphs like ☞ that were set upside down by the compositors. Unicode doesn’t have those. Yet.

Contains offencive language.

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A hideous combination

Next to my workstation is some miscellaneous matter. I just looked seriously at it now, and noticed a truely terrible idea was brought to fruitition by someone:


Yes, a chamber pot soap dish. What a bad bad idea. Was this for parents in Ye Old Days to wash their children’s mouths out with to make a point with with? Or was it a regular thundermug that you washed your hands before using? Or, did you pick the soap out, wash your hands while on it, and then drop the soap back in? Confusing!

Bonus points for storing the crapped-up crockery in a wholesale sanitary products box!