New theme for accessibility / a11y

I have changed themes to one that is “accessibility ready” per WordPress, so persons with screen readers and others can hopefully have a better use of it.

Otherwise, I have been transcribing image content into captions for screen readers. This makes it easier to decide what to write there and excuses me from writing insolent captions about bad user interfaces.

Question to screen reader users: is it better that the descriptions of the images go in the “alt text” or caption? If they end up in alt text, sighted persons rarely see them, which is why I have been avoiding them for now.

Slow, modern, Heptameron and its first story

I ran across on Patreon, a project I am not a subscriber to now, called “Decameron Project” after the most famous Italian original. That reminded me of my more preferred Heptameron, that is a collection of evidently true stories from France in the 1400s or so.

Along that line, I have determined to write down these little true stories as I remember to and have the energy and time. Here is the first one:

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No, not really…

I have not abandoned the blogging, but have been very busy with the volunteering and work. What a change from the bad old times at the previous agencia. This one is enjoyable and entertaining (often) and ultimately useful to me because I can be useful to it in its purpose.

I do have ideas and pictures and things, I just need the time and memory to put them here.

Not a bad way to waste time

I have far too many things on my Desktop and also open in windows to post about. Instead, I slept poorly for half the day, and then spent the rest of the time cleaning up my seriously dangerous method of storing passwords in, essentially, plain text. At least it was not in “the cloud”. I have worked to overwrite the old file so it should be unrecoverable.

Also, I went around closing/deleting accounts for sites I have no use for anymore. Amazon makes it incredibly annoying and deceptive to delete them, and then people like that wonder why laws and regulations appear to micromanage them. Fine job there, Jeffrey [sic].

I have also backt up my Email accounts and even fixed the contact information on some old dude’s accounts that I watch over for trouble. That and started on my tax filings. YaY for proactivity!

Alright, who’s responsible for this?!

For further posts on this, see this category.

You know who you are. Somewhere on the slightly less popular now site Tumboleer, you got a flood of people clicking a link on your site, so now people are reading a transcription of the 1890’s handbill about the “Ass-Hole of America”! Good work?