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Interviewing for the CS

I suppose I should tell everyone who reads me here, that I will be a-going on a two day trip for interviews at the end of this week (June 9th and 10th) I’m getting everything prepared for then, particularly the car (has a dash light on) and my suit.

I may or may not blog about the results (depends on how tired I am during/after and if anyone asks me to), but I will be trying to enjoy the process and possibility of getting a position. Unfortunately if I do, I will have to move away.


Time to wait

According to my interviewers, I should be hearing something about my application status next week (March 21 – March 26).

Similarly, the canvassing period for another couple of positions ends March 18, so I might get contacted for an interview the week after, March 21 – 26.

That leaves me with a week (7 days) of waiting for news. As if to make it even harder1, the weather service says it will rain all week.

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Minor WordPress annoyances: Uncategorized and tag focus stealing


I have noticed two minor issues with the current WordPress post writing interface:

  1. Unlike previously, when you start adding the post to categories, the default “Uncategorized” is not removed. You now have to do that manually. I think this is a regression.
  2. After entering some tags for the post, if you move the cursor to any other field and start typing, the tags field steals the focus back. This usually happens in the middle of typing, leading to stupid looking and unwanted tags.

Anyone else have these, or is it just me and my browser/blog?

If this is more than just me I will find out how to post a bug about them.

A quiet Day

Much to my surprize, a 10 ream paper box filled with photographs going back to the late 1800s was discovered. This kept everyone busy for some time gawking over them. I admit I did other things, including playing various games on my PC.

Also, I found some antient magazines filled with cigaret ads. I will present some of those later tonight or tomorrow. Apologies for the lack of content today.