More about the Weather Service

If you look online at the (United States) National Weather Service’s page you will see the New York City region’s webpage. Any one know why the abbreviation that would logically be NYC is OKX? I’ve checked and it is not ROT-13 or any similar transformation.

A lost and forgotten standardized test

Probably everyone in the United States who went to school knows what a standardized test is. One of those fill-in-the-circles affairs that returns a percentile rank. Currently they are controversial on account of their potential use in teacher evaluations.

I found this certificate for an apparently long discontinued test, the National Educational Development Test:


The Science Research Associates that Lyle Spencer signed for had just been bought by IBM at the time, according to Wikipedia. Per a paper in ERIC, it was administered at least as late as 1993, but probably not much after since there is next to nothing on the Internet about it. Also per that paper, it took until 1982 to delete “gender, racial or ethnic bias”. Shades of the oarsman-regatta question once on the SAT?

Anyway, I notice this particular paper didn’t bother to tell the awardee what their performance was, just that it was “outstanding”.

Kentucky ©opyright violation

While examining the website of the official auditor of Kentucky, I noticed some dubious repurposing of icons from Apple. Case in point, the “SAFE-house” link on the righthand column:


Some of you may notice it looks suspiciously like the “FileVault” icon from the feature of that name.

To be honest, the name of the program, which is officially for “Secure, Anonymous, and File-Encrypted” (a forced acronym if there every was one), makes me think they decided to name the program after the icon.

To make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I have nothing against the Kentucky Auditor, as I will detail later, only this particular choice of icon.

Not very good protection

In the United States, all citizens/permanent residents get issued a Social Security number (SSN) for tax purposes and other questionable non-reasons. Since this is a very important number, it is generally afforded significant protection.1

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SAP is the worst non-custom ATS (HR software) I’ve found yet

SAP is one of those “enterprise software” suites that claim to be able to do everything for every kind of organization. You can see this on their website, which doesn’t seem to definitively describe what it does in a single sentence.

My experience with SAP is limited to Iberdrola (A Spanish energy firm) and their use of it as an “applicant tracking system” (ATS). It is terrible for this though, at least as configured. [Note: I checked on June 17, 2020 and they are using a different ATS.]

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Proposal for a new Acronym: NSFL

I know NSFL has been “taken” on urbandictionary to mean something more extreme than NSFW, but NSFW really tells you all you need to know in a short form. I propose NSFL to mean

Not Safe For Lunch

That is, it will kill your appetite and very likely make you psychosomatically nauseous. For example, if you are going to post something entituled “Vacation souvenir” and then include a picture of A TAPEWORM you add “(NSFL)” to indicate it will be disgusting in that way, without making people sick by reading the description.