Some more Home-News

Unpacking it taking forever, but O well I have been doing other things.

Most important I think is that I bought the tools and supplys (first time I’ve bought a drill in my life) to install a 4plex electrical outlet next to the panel board in my basement. This let me shift all the phone+internet (which are the same thing right now) equipment and the large rackmount UPS that I trash pickt down there. Formerly it was loitering both in my kitchen (which I don’t cook in because I don’t cook) and on the other side of the kitchen wall where the phone is. Let me try and illustrate it again:

See description in caption.
Isometric drawing of wiring inside my house at the time. Green is the outside ground level, dark red is telephone and cable internet and ethernet. Pink is the kitchen counter where the NAS backup was. Purple square is the hole in the wall between the kitchen and where I keep my PC (not shown). Red squares are the voice modem, cable data modem, and router. Symbols to the upper right are WiFi and Western Electric telephone that came with the house.

Now it looks more like this:

See caption for description.
Now the cable goes to the data center (if it can be called that) in the basement where the new UPS (orange) has the data equipment on it. Not shown: the powerline networking to replace the ethernet sprawled along the floor upstairs, the telephone downstairs, and the connection of the voice modem to the previous premises wiring to keep the phone upstairs working.

I also removed the old cable company’s demarc from when they had been supplying PSTN service here somehow. I left the phone company’s demarc but it is useless as nothing connects to it. I removed a couple of now-spent coax cables running around the basement as they were superseded by wireless, ethernet, or were just useless now.

Am also slowly cleaning up the crap in the back yard – useless wood and the like.

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