Brings Joy to the John!

Now that I’ve got you wondering about such a thing, let me post the image and then link to the source:

See caption for transcription.
Brings Joy To The John! / CLOWN Toilet Brush Holder & Brush / Humorous clown, perched on a potty, provides practical storage for a bathroom necessity. Colorful glazed ceramic. 9″H. Includes 15″ plastic brush / Only $11.95 Additionals $9.95 order #WR9

This is at least as old as December 21, 1997. The source of it is the now gone (?) Gallery of the Absurd, seen here. He (Derek) wrote “I can’t say anything else that could possibly add to the horror of this advertisement.” He did have a dislike or fear of clowns, while I think this is just ugly and probably unsanitary. I have no idea how it would “bring joy” to a john.

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