A test of, at minimum, honor or honesty

This is about current day (late summer 2020) politics in the United States. It does not have personal hatred to any one or any thing in it, but if you want to be forewarned before reading on the subject, now you can be.

There is a good deal of Fear that people trusted with power in this country are misusing it. I am not thinking of legislative people, only slightly of judges and justices, some of the governors, mayors, and similar heads of places, but mostly of the “peace officer” types: police, corrections, prosecution, investigators. The ones who are the fingers at the end of the “long arm”.

All of these have come under suspicion, as a class, of obeying the laws on using force because it gives them a rarely challenged Power to use themselves against people almost any time. This causes a Fear, now too-common: that if the laws are changed so they can only have one, a law officer’s position or that wide and broad power-to-force, they will pick the wrong one.

(I have capitalized “Power” and “Fear” because these are so… particular? – can’t think of an accurate not hyperbolic sounding word here.)

More plainly, are they going to take their training, their prejudices, whatever brutality moves their legs and index fingers, short attention spans and instant gratifications, possibly self-aware bloodlust, and all the long- and short-range weapons they can loot from their station or barracks and not care about anything?

(These are all who “pick the wrong one”. All who stick with it as it is reformed, and also reform it themselves, accepting what are now flat requirements, will keep things going while the first new employees are flushing out the wreckage the others left.)

Plenty as-like-to-be-offenders-as-officers have ready for use “justifications” that go something like this:

  1. “The Constitution…
  2. [???]
  3. …so really, I have to!”
  4. (Usually unspoken/unreasoned) “So am totally innocent, but due all the praise.”

Unless they are disobeying orders that fail the Nuremberg test, this is a clear nonsense to be hindered. My idea:

All persons in the positions should, in public solemn ceremony, without “pomp and circumstance” and without any reference to current affairs at any proximity or distance, take their oath(s) of office where all can watch and record and remember. These should be somewhere that doesn’t need reservation or setup and has no suggestion of power (this should not cost any thing beyond the time they take). They come at the time set, identify themselves out loud, take the oath, and return to work. There should not be speeches any anyone, or sign waving, or really any campaigning. Nothing to justify anyone from refusing because of political

To prevent political wink-and-nods, there should be a drawing of persons, similar to jury pooling, to pick one who is in that jurisdiction then, who will administer the oath(s). Since everyone in the State/county/city/township/village/whatever is subject to them, anyone is a fit person to administer them. The text of those oaths will be taken exactly from the laws at that instant. To those who don’t have internal disquiet about their future plans or current work practice, it should not be a problem.

I expect, from this, that many will be less certain about the legally frivolous depravity that may float around their locker rooms. The easy self-deceivers and hardened perjurers will pass with more or less flying colors, so I admit and caution this will not solve a problem. I hope it might help some people.

Thank you.

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