An insolent newspaper of Ohio

Reading about resurrection men and torpedoes to defend against them, I ended up downloading from the Library of Congress, page 8 of the Stark County Democrat (Canton, O.) for Thursday, January 30, 1881.

Two mentions of their crime occur, one near the bottom of column 2 and partway down column 4. The first was partially avenged and defeated by the torpedo, the second evidently not. I am more interested in the editor, or typesetter/compositor, describing some people in a very partial way:

Two real nice looking men asked Hiram Burns of Lima, for his autograph, and he granted their request. He is out about $400. Two years ago the unwary Hiram was gulled out of $1,000.

I’m assuming they use his signature to “sign” a check that they took to a bank.

Sophia Feast, a young woman, was found frozen to death in a lonely woods near the County Infirmary, at Coshocton, O. It is the old story — seduction, a life of shame, a rapid descent and a miserable death.

Any idea who the man was? Hopefully the Spirit of Polly Baker haunted him, or something. By-the-way, I suspect “County Infirmary” is what they called the POOR HOUSE.

George Bowers, the well known blacksmith of Mt. Pleasant, O., was arrested on the affidavit of Martha Harbinger, charging him with being the father of her little one-year old girl, and the cause of her present interesting condition.

Interesting” indeed. Was this the euphemizm of the place and time for “pregnant unmarried”? Since Mt. Pleasant, O. and Coshocton, O. are about 60 miles bee line apart, possibly he was responsible for both? Or possibly neither.

Licey, State representative from Medina, wants his favorite women’s rights scheme submitted to a vote of the people the second Tuesday of next October.

Without details of what his “favorite” is, I cannot decide of it was truly a scheme or the paper is just being backward.

Sam’l Smart, a modern prodigal son of Circleville, having squandere [sic] 15 000 [sic] in riotous living, suicided by shooting Monday.

I thought “suicided” was some irritating word that Bob Heinlein made up for his work. I don’t like it any more than the rather insulting view of Samuel Smart here.

The engineer at Ball’s fire brick works at Steubenville, Monday, surprised the boiler with cold water with the usual result. Four men injured.

Thermal shock causing an explosion?

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