Back on the Chain-Gang; or, a Second Line-in-Waiting

It has been a while since I posted. I was on vacation. Now I have a bunch of stuff to scan and many screen shots from previous time to put up and comment on.

Despite completely rewiring my telephone service at the apartment building, whenever my telephone is in use, my (ISP-supplied) DSL modem/router loses its connection to the DSLAM a few blocks away.

I know that the telephone company (local exchange carrier) is required to provide voice svc (indicated by a dial tone) to the demarcation. I hope there is a similar requirement for data if I subscribe to that. Going through their support site, to find out how I could tell them they needed to send someone out to check the signal, I ended up at this page:


Verizon support page for “No Dial Tone”.

Yes there is something strange here, and it took me some seconds to realize what: the “back” button is pointing forward. That’s questionable symbolizm and worse interface design.

Fortunately, I can go to my megalomaniacal modem/router that refers to itself in the third person and, after burrowing through the layers of sub-tabs…


Modem/router configuration, showing 6 top level tabs (Home, Wireless, My Network, Firewall Settings, Services, System), then 9 System sub-tabs (Overview, Settings, Users, Network Connections, Monitor, Routing, Universal Plug and Play, Maintenance, Objects and Rules), then 4 Maintenance sub-sub-tabs (Reboot, Restore Factors Settings, Firmware Upgrade, Diagnostics). Top of the Diagnostics tab is shown, including the “Ping (ICMP Echo)” function group.

…and imagine that I am forcing a recycle in Basking Ridge:


Option from modem/router configuration page, asking “Are you sure you want to reboot Verizon ?” OK/Cancel.

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