Report of the Wheel-Barrow Man

I knew in a slight way, a few years ago, an older man who lived alone on the outskirts of a village, further than I did. He lived alone and walked almost everywhere. When traveling to the store in the village to pick up groceries, he used a wheel barrow on the shoulder of the State road there and back. I called him “Wheelbarrow Man” once when my grand mother was around she didn’t like it, correcting me with his real name and title.

After he died, his sister, who I knew independently, let me have some of his things, including a typescript proposal. Having used a scanner and Microsoft Word to digitize it, I set it out below


Currency is the chief asset and promoter of criminal action. If you support law enforcement, then this information that follows should be read carefully. With careful research and use of its industrial potential, this nation could function without currency. Despite a lack of tangible negotiables, there would be no inhibitation of the capitalistic system of living. Therefore, most crimes in America need never have occurred.

Think of it, through its system of exchange this nation would be able to control the criminal and subversive elements in its society. Street larcenies would nearly be extinct, and underworld syndicates and “pushers” would exist no longer in this nation. The people of this land could once more venture into the streets, unaccompanied and unafraid. Municiples could possibly reduce their law enforcement forces and court systems would be more free to attend other problems of the people. Taxes would be more accurately prepared than at present. Fugitives of the law and missing persons will be traced, and identified. Banks, credit unions and loan organizations will be strengthened in security, and in their accessibility as an aid to depositors and indeptnee’s.

Nearly everyone has a thumb-print, finger-print, or at least a palm print, which clearly identifies him. Exception can be had for anyone lacking such a print. It also is mandatory for each working individual to possess a social security number, although any person, no matter what age, can have such a number. These two items, thumb-print and social security number, can be used in combination to employ a person’s worth without tangible evidence. The basis of this worth would remain the gold standard, the gold being still stored at Fort Knox, Kentucky. In a sense you might paraphrase Mother Goose by saying “Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, making a draft to Phil. He stuck in his thumb, punched out a sum, and said now I have paid that bill.

With the great industrial upsurge in this nation, caused primarily by computerization, we can replace currency with worth. I urge research be done in computer memory, communication, and micro-filming, where each individual’s worth is stored, available to that person to exchange at any time.

Preliminary exploration and development of such a system was displayed at a Japanese exhibit at Expo-70. Research has also been accomplished by the American Bell Laboratories.

Consider how simple transactions are with this type of money. There may be a machine, simple and compact in design, in each home and business for the convenience of the purchasee or person who wishes to spend his worth for services. If you would now put yourself in the picture, begin the transaction by exposing your thumb to a sensing device, and then in some manner of dialing, punching, verbal recording or other means enter your social security number. The mechanism will attempt now to identify you with your net worth, while commencing to micro-film this transaction. This done, before you will be a display of your present worth, equivalent to your non-interest making wallet-money. You observe your ability to pay as you wish, so now you must first make entry of the amount of worth you wish transferred and another entry of recipient’s social security number, or the corporation and machine number from which you want service. After all, before your shorts are cleaned, the laundromat machine must be paid. Some of these mechanisms, mostly in stores, will already have the transferrable number as an unalterable constant, to avoid mistakes on the part of the payee. At any rate a new display will show the amount and number which has been entered. Since this is satisfactory to you, initiate a go ahead system, and your hard earned money Will quickly dwindle as the worth is automatically transferred. Upon initiation of the transaction, micro-filming will also commence on the recipient’s records. There may also be a procedure to indicate the type of transaction, as a benefit in computing income and other taxes. The burden of entering the correct social security number of the individual receiving payment is that of the payee. All mistakes should be entered as 078-36-♠♣♥♦, my number.

Now that a generalization has been formed, as to system operation, I can point out some of the changes, results, and benefits this new type of procedure would impose on our way of life. Without tangible currencies, the U. S. Mint will, of course, be disbanded, and its employees re-trained into this proposed new system of exchange. The current coins can then have their raw ores re-claimed and sold at a profit. The expensive paper used in our current system of exchange would no longer be needed, and the printing presses could be sold.

This new system would provide greater conveniences, and no less privacy than does the current monetary exchange. If with any amount the individual wishes to draw interest, he merely indicates that a sum is to be transferred to the number of his bank depository. To withdraw an amount from the bank would require his telephoning the bank, having them re-transfer the money to his net worth. Loans would be accomplished by the lendee transferring an amount to a man’s worth. Banks and loan companies, as well as businesses, would be safer because no ready negotiables would be kept on deposit in their vaults. Armoured trucks likewise would be obsolete. If you plan a trip within the U. S. you have overcome the problem of someone refusing a check drawn on an unfamiliar bank, because before traveling you would have provided yourself with enough money in your worth.

Gambling with coin-operated slot machines are legal in some areas. We still can use them under this new plan of worth. For his transfer of some worth to the casino, or house, a man would receive chips equal in size and value to our present coins. The winnings once more would be exchanged for worth. In this way Howard Hughes and others could fleece more suckers, for a man is more likely to use these chips than would he cash them in.

Traveling overseas? Well no concern, upon reaching the country you are to visit, customs will assist you in your currency problem. You transfer some of your worth to U. S. Customs agents who will issue you the exchange of the local currency. Then upon leaving that nation you return the currency for the equivalent worth.

Taxes can be computed by the Internal Revenue, directly from the microfilmed records of a person’s transactions, He would then be billed, showing him the years transactions for his personal reconciliation with government figures, and indicating the government agencies which are to receive payments. In this manner, taxes such as gasoline tax, and sales tax can have their payments more accurately determined. It would prohibit cheating on reported income and eliminate uncollected taxes. As always, an individual may contact his local tax office if he feels unfairly taxed.

Changes such as name, should a woman marry, number of dependents and other payroll items could be done through any social security office. After receiving notice of such a change, the information would be forwarded to the computer center for file updating. In this way you would keep your records straight, and aid in tax computation. You still may claim a different number of dependents on your tax withholding at work.

A man’s micro-filmed record of his worth would be accessible only to him, and to the Internal Revenue Agency for his tax purposes. No other individual shall have access or use of such records, except under a judicial warrant, where a felony is suspected. This record’s privacy would be protected as if it were a private home, covered by the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution formulating policies of search and warrant. Police officers may attach a “tap” on these records only under warrant when there is sufficient evidence that a person is suspected of criminal action.

One more item I might mention in connection with an electronic system, such as this one, is that of signal interception and retransmission. Certainly, the main computer would require a scrambling device attached, to thwart any attempt to alter currency, or inquiry other than within the designed procedure of operation. Unauthorized use of these records would therefore be stopped.

Those participating in unlawful practices would be the most severely jolted by this system of worth. Illegal attachment of money would nearly be stopped in this nation.

Any crime in which direct monetarial exchange is involved would be curtailed by this new system of worth. Can you imagine a thief on the street sticking a gun in your ribs and demanding you transfer your worth to his social security number? Even if he were to kill after his initial crime, the police would identify him as the criminal in a matter of minutes. It would result in an air-tight court case for the prosecutor, with the presentation of the victim’s micro-filmed record. Since most street muggings are a result of the theft of money, the streets would be considerably safer. At an expense to himself, someone could possibly “frame” another person by transferring his worth and then charging theft.

There are countless numbers of people in this nation who are alive yet listed as missing persons. Some have amnesia, others have just wandered from their family ties. People have disappeared to avoid prosecution or payment of court settlements. Still others disappear so that their relations can collect insurance money. With this proposed plan of worth, a man no longer can take his money and move to a new state or location. The police would make a “cap” on the individuals worth, sealing it from use, upon notification of a person’s disappearance. The result would be the individual could not run away and assume a new identity. Assuming the individual is smart enough to obtain a situation such as gardener or home-fixer for someone, in return for his room and board, he could survive outside the law as a prisoner of his new environment, unable to earn, borrow or spend even one cent.

Although the larceny of non-monetarial items such as appliances, jewelry, and merchandise would not be stopped by this new measure, the eventual identification of the crook would be more sure. Much of this type theft is done with the idea someone later will purchase these items from the thief for cash. Often these items are recovered in pawn shops, but no matter where they are found the purchaser does have a permanent record of who sold him the items. Police can then trace these records backward until they find the man who cannot account for his purchase of the items. This man is the crook.

The note reads “Transfer one-million dollars to this social security number, if you ever wish to see your daughter alive again.” This is ridiculous, the kidnapper could not possibly remain “at large.” His only gain would be a prison cell. Illegal gambling and prostitution would become curtailed with the recording of the type of transaction at the time of exchange. How obvious can forty-five dollars an hour ten times a night for general services be, for a young lady. It would be almost unquestionable that she is a street-walker. It would make prostitution and betting taxable for a new first.

A thing of the past is a good appellation for the forger. It would be impossible and impracticable for one to exist. First off, he would have to forge a thumb-print, and then match this with a social security number. Succeeding thus far he would then transfer a man’s worth to his own social security account, thus identifying himself to law enforcers.

Since all transactions are recorded, crime syndicates would be more easily identified and crushed. A paid murder would become apparent if warrants are issued to watch the accounts of suspected enemies of the deceased. Complaints would be easier to follow through on, easily pointing to money funneling into the hands of mafia leaders. Tracing the purchase of moon-shine and dope-smuggling would “bust” the pushing and importing leaders. In short, syndicated crime would be extinguished in a matter of a few months, after this new plan went into effect.

Where do “The Weathermen” get their money to operate? People who contribute to subversive elements of our society can be identified through the receipts records of the investigated members of these elements. This would create reluctance on the part of the financier. A subversive fugitive who has been associated with a crime would have a “cap” placed on his or her worth, making them penniless.

Other types of criminals would continue to operate despite the new system. A confidence man could continue, until enough complaints were evident to insure conviction by a jury. Still it would be hard as ever to prove that the “sucker” actually was taken in by the slick tongue artist. This new system could not discourage child molesters, rapists, fire-bugs, or sadists. These crimes would still confront the average citizen. Municipalities may possibly be able to reduce, in numbers, their departments of law enforcement. With less possible types of crime that can function, in this nation, it would seem that reduction of law enforcers would follow. This would provide the overburdened tax payer with some relief.

I have attempted to outline, simply, a system of exchange which will bring a drastic change in our ways of living. Great personal savings could be had with this system, as well as more accurate and complete taxation. It would help to unburden the workloads of the nation’s police forces and judicial systems. Greater personal safety and welfare would be assured each man, woman, and child, both at home, and away from home.

This system can be had with only a few years research. The cost of this research could pay for itself over a period of years. It would pay immediate dividends to each individual. Although people might find adaptation difficult at first, this system will be afforded its silent affirmation along with the telephone, public utilities, and electricity.

An individual’s wages would be assuredly his to spend. Any loss of his money would only be his foolish use of it, and not miss-laid as a check can be. Criminals no longer can intimidate a man for his money. The only one to be “jack-rolled” would be the criminal himself. A man can feel free that his money will be good no matter where he travels.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s another “good cause” and as such would rank right after national poverty, the Vietnamese War solution, the war on chemical nuisances, and the problem of national pollution. Of course, we already know that there has never been an amiable solution to national poverty, and probably never will be. We also know that after the Vietnamese War, we will be drawn into still another conflict somewhere else. The only way to get rid of chemicals poisoning us is to replace the existing chemicals with newer, less researched chemicals. And all our current efforts in the area to eliminate pollution have created greater pollution. If the priorities continue to exist on these items of need, our underworld neighbors will maintain their relentless criminal activities.

In all walks of life people are generally discussing the need for more law enforcement, police protection, and political solutions to our crime rate. Are you strong enough to stand before them and encourage legislation to be adapted to bypass our currency, the one area where crime can truly be fought? I urge this plan be considered. I desire the safety that would be guaranteed through its use. Won’t you work towards this goal which is so vital to each man?

This was originally done on a typewriter and had numerous spelling and grammar issues. So his work is not obscured by them in the present day, I have cleaned them up where it was unquestionable what his intent was. Uncertainties were left alone. I changed his SSN to a collection of symbols never included on any normal typewriter to make it clear I did it.

There is no date, however Expo-70 and the gold standard suggest it was between 1970 and the summer of 1971.

4 thoughts on “Report of the Wheel-Barrow Man

    1. FlowCoef Post author

      The saddest part is that I did not speak up for his PC, last turned on in the mid/late 1990s or early 2000s. I am told it was taken to recycle and is long destroyed now. I also neglected to save anything off a college student’s desktop that ran MS-DOS 3.21 except a couple of screen shots. I may have let the Library of Alexandria end up at a HHW collection.

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      1. johnlmalone

        Lol and a :) who knows how many lost stories are out there that are never picked up : recluses, old lonely people , hand written memoirs that are left in trains, manuscripts burned by authors who thought the material might incriminate them? There are all sorts of scenarios. All we can do is take responsibility for our own stories and that of others who have come to rely on us

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