Update on the one tablet

I threw it out.

It seems like people are getting out of the x86/x64 tablet market. This one was made by some bunch called Irulu, but really was a rebadged Iclever tablet. On the cheap side and not even made any longer or supported.

A side note: When I got into the UEFI settings, it supposedly had a GPS sensor installed that was turned off for no reason. Huh!?

Also, on a fresh install of Windows 10, which was a story in itself, the touchscreen didn’t have drivers! For anyone else with one of these to repair, there is a partition on the drive that is not assigned a drive letter. This is, I think, where the manufacturer hid the drivers. Don’t wipe out all of the partitions when doing a from-scratch reinstall of Windows or whatever OS.

Anyway, when I took it apart to salvage the memory and SSD, they were all hardwired to the SoC, which made it quite a waste. Now I’m back on the (MSI) WindPad 110W, which is slower, but much better made. I could, if I wanted to, buy a refurbisht Surface, but choose not to and save my mony for later things.

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