I have worse Internet than my boss

My immediate boss/supervisor lives on some nasty town road that is ill maintained (he says, I’ve never been there) and has even worse utility service. He can’t get anything but dialup or satellite and even the infamously reliable Bell System copper wire doesn’t last long in a power failure because the booster in the box halfway into town doesn’t have a long lasting battery.

I had been using the offensive Cable Company (no, not C0mc0st) for some time, but then decided to switch to the phone company for DSL. Strangely, this actually made the phone company bill (phone + DSL) cheaper than before (phone). It also let me dispence with the euill Cable Company. So, a savings of ~100 USD/mo.

Recently (last 3 or 5 days) the DSL, but not phone, reliability has gotten really bad. The modem/router that I (had to) buy from Verizon constantly reports a connection lost. This is likely not its fault, but the terrible quality of wiring in this building. I have removed and thrown away two false jacks because they were just stuck on the skirting board and never connected to anything. The sole working jack (that I’ve replaced with a new, not caked with paint one) has its line running out the bedroom wall and around the back of the building on the outside, under my neighbors back porch and barely reaches the demarc.

Clearly I need to replace the last thing I can replace: the cabling on the outside. I intend to do this this week, after I buy some line cable at the independent hardware in the second city of the county. I think it will need to be at least 100 ft and require some clever work to get it under that porch. Or maybe I will just string it the other way? That would actually work better.

Anyway, I have had to put up with speeds approaching 56k at times, lost connections when the device lights show no trouble and not much else. At least his satellite connection is reliable, as far as I can tell.

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