Although well known to day for its social liberalism, Massachusetts was formerly a notorious Puritianic stronghold. This can be easily seen in looking through the current (!) laws.

We start off by visiting the badly chosen DNS of – which looks more like “male gislature”, whatever that would be. Maybe a hyphen would have helped?

We start with some Red baiting in Part IV, Titul I, Chapter 264, Section 16A, a probably unconstitutional bill of attainder that attempts to outlaw the Communist Party.

A holdover (I hope) from the far and distant past, Part IV, Titul I, Chapter 265, Section 3, provides a severe punishment for duelists.

All of Part IV, Titul I, Chapter 272 is given the amusingly archaic name of “Crimes against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order” and contains the worst offender: Section 34, provides an up to 20 year (!) sentence for persons “guilty” of what they euphemistically term the “crime against nature”. This is such a broad, vague and overly coy term that I am surprized it has lasted this long.

For this last one, I strongly recommend a revision to a form that is plainly spoke and clear on what is and is not legal sexual behavior.

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