More movement in the Civil Service

Unlike the previous one, this one is confirmed.

When I was hired by the State, it was in a position tituled “Junior Engineer” and had a salary grade of 15. Possibly because that name was a little insulting, the CS department changed it about halfway through my first year to “Engineer Trainee” and gave us all a bump to salary grade 18.

Supposedly, when I hit my 1 year mark I would finish probation and get another titul change because I had passed the FE examn. That was about 4 months ago. Now, because my supervisor had needled people higher up, I noticed my time sheet now reads “Assistant Engineer (Civil/Construction)” @ a salary grade of 20!

They are also trying to tell him (boss) that I really have a 2 year probation, so have to wait until next August to be permanentized. I should fish out my appointment letter to see if it says anything about that. However, it might not be the best witness, since it said my appointment was located about an hour east of where it really was!

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