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Again with the late in the year ads. This one is from December 13, 1902, right below an ad for a “manly” boarding school:

Learn Something Different; It Pays. The Economist Training School is the only window trimming school in the world, and has more call for graduates than is able to fill. We have a large and thoroughly equipped school, where students are taught in person. We also teach by mail Window Trimming, Ad Writing and Card Sign Painting. This school is endorsed by the best merchants in American because it’s practical, and its students are eagerly sought. Economist Training School, 134-138 West 14th St. Willard H. Bond, President. New York City.

Window trimming refers to the arrangement of sales goods behind the plate glass storefront windows that were so common many years ago. For a contemporaneous discussion of it, you can read “Fighting for his Own“, a juvenile novel written by the well-known (notorious?) Edward Stratemeyer.

Now, an an attempt to search out this firm I cannot find much of anything, because they unluckily chose the name very similar to that of a current day news magazine.

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