Talk louder, I can’t hear you!

From December 13, 1902, an un-subtle suggestion for a Christmas present:


The Morley Ear-Drum is the most recent and most effective invisible device for the relief of deafness. It is easily adjusted, comfortable and safe. Send for descriptive booklet. The Morley Company, Dept. R, 19 South 16th St., Philadelphia

While not like some of the medical come-ons we’ve seen that were clearly fraud, this one might have been for real. I’m not sure what the ear drum was or looked like, so I can’t judge any. I do note, though, that the shouter is wearing a very high collar.

I remember watching a film about Beethoven and there is a scene where a boy (or girl, I don’t remember), gives him an ear trumpet, which he then hides in a drawer full of other ear trumpets that, presumably, other people have given him.


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