Did anyone fall for this? Probably, and that makes me sad…

Quackery is a saddening thing for me to think of and see. People who, using the hope of medicine, defraud those desperate or unable to see through their crap impostures.

So, still in 1905, on July 1st, the back page of the Literary Digest (I swear I’ll get out of this issue eventually, but there is so much in it to blog about!):


A Word To People Who Think Goat Lymph Feeds Nerve Cells

No, this isn’t an expose of people who think that that is one sentence, it is a come on for people suffering from:


Brain Fag, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Neurasthenia, Nerve Exhaustion, Locomotor Ataxia, Premature Old Age

In order:

  1. “Brain Fag” (I checked, it does NOT say ‘fog’) – “fag” in this sense meaning tiredness. A completely made up nonmedical term that invites people to self-diagnose.
  2. Paralysis – This is a symptom of so many things it is impossible for one thing to cure it.
  3. Epilepsy – We still do not have a cure for this.
  4. Neurasthenia – Since kickt out of the DSM.
  5. “Nerve Exhaustion” – What?
  6. Locomotor Ataxia – Probably caused by syphilis, which needs antibiotics, not goat lymph.
  7. Premature Old Age – as if the above weren’t enough, anything that promises to ‘cure’ this is obvious quackery.

The good “doctor” also published a magazine:


The Goat Lymph Magazine

Anyway, the entire ad is below. I strongly advise anyone who has, or thinks they have, problems to make an effort to see a regularly taught and licensed doctor, not the modern day version of these people.


Quackery personified

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