Jews and Statistics

No, I’m NOT going to try and claim that there’s some “Jewish new world order” or some other antisemitical conspiracy nonsense.

In the April 1, 1922 issue of the Literary Digest, the following map and article about Jews in the United States was published:


There were about 3.4 million Jewish people in CONUS in 1922.

Leaving aside the now dated and possibly offensive term “Hebrews”, I note something else that, in its small and unpretentious way, drove home a very notable fact of the history of my country: We once owned the Philippines.

Now I know, all historians and others are going to say “Duh!”, but to me the fact had been an abstract one, similar to how Britain used to own the State I live in now. Only here did it really sink in, because in the end of the first/start of the second column, we see that the Jewish population of the Philippines is listed along with two other United States possessions, the “Hawaiian Islands” (now the State of Hawaii) and “Porto Rico” (now the territory of Puerto Rico), that are still part of America.

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