Jumping the gun on the Internet

I’m going to get ahead of the ISP’s limitation.

Moving a few more things to my new apartment, I decided to test my old tablet to see if it still worked. It did and it also turned up some WiFi hot spots with generic sounding names like “NEATGEAR2S45”. This gave me an idea: What if I paid someone to mooch off their Internet for a week or so until my connexion was enabled?

I asked my downstairs neighbor if they could do it, but they were moving out on the first of the month, so they couldn’t. I went out to the laundromat and then grocery store. Both are older and more tired-looking than the ones I’m used to where I am now. Such is life.

I then asked the neighbor on the side of the building that I’m on if she would let me do it if I paid half her ISP cost for the month. She was receptive, but said she would ask her daughter, which I thought was time. I left her my name and number so she could call me. I’m hopeful this’ll let me move a week ahead of schedule.

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