The hardest part of moving is not moving

The hardest part of moving is getting the public utilities at the new location.

I have four public utilities at my new apartment:

  1. Water and sewer
  2. Power
  3. Telephone service
  4. Internet connectivity

For the record this new place is is New York (State).

Water and sewer were connected already by the landlord and functioned from day -1. No trouble.

Electric power was a short process. I found out I couldn’t make the request to the transmission company (CEntral HUdson) online with their WordArt-enabled webpage, so I called in and got someone who sent me to a PDF I had to fill out and scan in with my identity and so supply them with information.

The PDF was a story in itself. They scanned in a paper copy of the form and then just added form fields in their PDF editor, rather than create a completely digital form. Similarly amateurish, the three (different) postal code fields were linked, so you could only enter in one number that would be copied to the other two places. Since I was moving from one post office to another, it didn’t work! I had to print it and manually fill those details in.

Telephone service is from VeriZon. After finding out (took three calls about 4 days apart) that my current local exchange carrier does not have the exchange in my new town, I had to buy service from Vz. This took figuring out their website so I could purchase ONLY circuit switched telephone service (IE. PSTN, not fiber). After that, I had waited some time without a dial tone before I went to check the network interface box. Turns out that they are supplying a dial tone to line E, which has never been wired for service before. I’ve notified the property manager so they will fix it.

Internet connectivity has not yet been established from Time Warner, because the first weekend they would be able to get out was the 29th. I am waiting still for that to happen. I will fully move in on that date, and then clean up the old place and return the keys to the land lord.

2 thoughts on “The hardest part of moving is not moving

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