Credit card form annoyance

If you’ve ever used a credit card or debit card for an online purchase, you’ve probably had this happen.

Credit/debit cards (in the United States at least) have five fields associated with the account that have to be entered correctly for the payment to go through.

  1. Account number (16 digits)
  2. Cardholder name (“John Q Smith”)
  3. Billing address postal code (20002 for Gallaudet Univ, Washington, DC)
  4. Expiration date (08/20)
  5. CVV number (that three or four digit number they ask for)

My annoyance stems from the fact that the expiration date is invariably embossed on the card numerically, but many web designers use names of months in their drop down boxes:


Expiration Date drop down list with the names of the months of the year.

Minor I admit, but also easily fixed with no obvious loss.

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