It has been some time since I’ve posted anything about my work. I’ll fill you in if you want to read about it.

The State played a dirty trick on me by telling me I would be working at Site X, and then leaving my boss to tell me on my first day of work I really should be at Site Y. Difference: about 45 minutes. Currently closer to an hour because of the detour in the State Route between here and there.

I had rented an apartment near Site X for a year from last September 1. Now, however I find it worth while it move to a place about half way between the two places (X and Y). I will sign the lease this Wednesday. Monthly rental is 800 USD, compared to 1000 USD for the current place I’m in. I will say that it is smaller than the current place, and also dingy.

Still, it is an improvement in time and distance. The town also has noted attractions and – best of all for me, anyway – is on THAT side of the mountains, so I don’t have to navigate the passes in the winter and also the fog.

It is still in the city though, so no places for sweet cycens.

A side annoyance I may blog about later on is the fact that I will now have to move my stuff from here to there, and also change my address and phone number on 10 000 forms.

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