Not just “Bernard” Sanders

As many people in the United States know, Vermont is a State in the Union. Like all other States, it has local government. UNlike most other States, the State’s Secretary of State (no connection with the federal one, currently Tillerson) maintains a list of local government non-civil service positions, viewable here.

I don’t know if the current Secretary of State wrote the descriptions or not, but some of them are a hoot. For example:

Should be able to be polite, yet firm, and not be oversensitive to criticism.

Should have a good sense of humor, be good at group process, and have experience following Roberts Rules of Order.

Should know the town well, be able to understand all sides of complex issues, and have very thick skin.

Should have the patience of a saint and be a good ambassador for the town.

Should like investing money.

Finally we have the classical obsolescent office:

Oversees “United States Public Money” received under the Act of 1836 held by the town. (It is unlikely any Vermont town still has these funds.

I suspect that the last one won’t be around much longer. As a side note, what “Act” would that be? Anyone want to dive into Acts of Congress from that year and let me know?

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