Another ephemeron: CJ Slayer and the Super Peas

Have you ever, when young or otherwise new to a field or endeavor, turned up something interesting that you later discard and then even later realize was truly unique and should have been saved?

When I was much younger, I found a discarded Apple Macintosh SE/30 – one of the greatest computers ever – without a keyboard or mouse. I was young enough at the time I had to get my parents to hunt up and buy an ADB keyboard and mouse.

Plugging it in and turning it on disclosed to me System 61 – one of the greatest operating systems ever – that had been heavily customized. The background was a black and white depiction of a spaceship fleeing from a fleet with a large, obviously geometrically rendered planet in the background. You could see that it wasn’t rendered as a pure sphere, but a many sided solid shape.

I recall that there was on there:

  • Spectre – a tank fighting game that I played like crazzy. It was actually registered (read: bought) and paid for by Eric Tamashunas. If you are out there Eric, let me know! Maybe this is him?
  • FileMaker Pro 1.0 – yes, the first version of this now widely used software. I could not make anything of it at the time.
  • Risk – the boardgame made into a software game. I just played randomly and sometimes won. I still don’t know the rules.
  • Finally, and the best, was a custom made piece of software called Speak and Spell. This used the internal speaker to create the sound of a word that you then typed in. The only word I remember was “radio” which – seriously – sounded like “rape-hill”.

This little game was made amazing by the fact that it had a fully detailed drawing of the heads of 5 (I think) guys and their collective name: CJ Slayer and the Super Peas. I would dearly love to know the history of that name, which is either that of a rock band, or a Caribbean country.

Anyway, the machine in question had a hard disk problem after a while and didn’t boot up. I think my parents still have the thing somewhere, unless they recycled it when they moved.

Anyway, let me know if you are familiar with (or are!) CJ Slayer or one of the Super Peas.

  1. There was no MultiFinder that I remember, but a very custom software called QuickLaunch that I can now find no trace of online. 

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