Odd Economical names

As mentioned before, I occasionally look into the magazine called The Economist (exactly like that, with a capital article).

One of their online features is a little quiz each week, where you have to answer general (or specific) knowledge questions about the news of important things and then know who someone’s picture is.

What is more interesting to me is the list of high scorers:

Professor PREMRAJ P PhD PREMS EmperorOfTheWorld
Moin Kazi
Garnet Snell
Gene Houseman
George Custer
Druze Ahmed
Colga lempio
Navid Siddiqui
Vishy Anand Fan
Andrew M.D. Bell
L Banting-Cains

I can understand some of these as personal names, like the last one, and various user names. Others are more of references to external things, like “Vishy Anand”1 and the Peaceful one (in both Hebrew and Arabic).

The headliner has changed their names over the years, variously claiming to be from Harvard, Kochi/Cochin and maybe other places. I remember once they labeled themselves as “Hindu Male”, as if trying to attract a mate on this strangest of lekking places.

  1. A notorious chess player. This IS the Economist after all. 

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