Turds!! – A college student pranque

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According to WikipediA, this immage was gotten up and spread about by some Indiana University students many many years Ago (1890). For the better education of the students of to-day, it is transcribed below.

The [index] is for glyphs like ☞ that were set upside down by the compositors. Unicode doesn’t have those. Yet.

Contains offencive language.



Although there are many turds in this dirtiest ass-hole of creation, we propose to shovel out only those that have been shit from the effects of the first dose of physic. In so much as there has been a long-continued stopping of the bowels, it will be necessary to follow with dose by others at intervals of three days, until the entire gut is purged. The giant turd, the plug as it were, and the hardest to pass, is a pale faced, red-headed son—of—a—bitch from Indianapolis. This low—lifed terrier has played with his pecker until his brains have run out of the head of his cock. By reas-of of [sic] of this long continued self abuse he became so enervated that he was not able to walk to the privy, and it was his custom to shit in the “Saline”1 and throw it in the stove. The next TURD, although softer in consistency, makes up what he lacks in substance by the loud tone of his stink. SAUNDERSON, a half—assed lawyer who made an ignominious failure in that proffession [sic], thinks he is competent to teach oratory and Rhetoric, we want to inform the trustees that if his name isn’t Dennis2 next year, I. U. will be hissed out of state oratorical.

Next comes


Cock sucker, he is so insignificant that we will let him pass.

Next comes


would be tough who always has his hand in everyone’s business likewise their whisky bottles. Now comes H. MONTICAL. H is for HORSE’S ASS a turd too nasty to handle. And now is


The BOY passed by the Faculty in two years. He has now risen to the dignity of an assistant Proffessorship [sic] on a salary of $53. If he doesn’t sap his physical strength by his marital [illegible: 6 letters, a dash, 6 letters, -tions], he will probably command $100 before he does. The next TURD is ☞ CHAMPBELL ☜ but he is so soft we could not handle him without puking. ☞ ROLL MADISON ☜ this turd is very loud, but he never says anything. He thinks he is an orator, but is no orated for shit, he wouldn’t get a smell. The only thing he is good for is seduction of innocent maidens, we won’t say anything about that for fear of making him popular in College society. ☞ SOEL

Here is a TURD! A sheeny TURD! Here is a man who likes $,00 so that he never got his gun off legitimatly [sic].


This rattled-brained foreigner, who, it is said was hissed out of Ann Arbor, so that he could be eligible to a position in this University, out to be fired next year, or we will draw him under this whole pile of shit. He carries his guts in his head and his brains are probably in some English shit-house. ☞ KEPELR [index] does not come up to the dignity of a turd, his is a plain—every—day shit and ☞ SHOEMAKER [index] is not any better, both club the brute.


Ed O’Donnel is a soreheaded turd, a burntoffering [sic]. If he don’t stop taking in the railroad whore houses, his cock will be a shapeless mass.

This with his whiskey guzzling qualities will cause him to fill an early grave. ☞☞ BLOSS ☜[index] we recognize him by his baby shit. He wears in a a plug in his ass to keep the protoplasm from running out. The next turd is almost consumed by maggots which were so numerous as to nearly cover his body, but by brushing them way the features of [index] MORRIS MOORE ☜ could be observed!!! Last fall he frequented cheap whore houses, but lately he seems to have a softer snap.

On top of all this mass of nastiness, we found a recent edition of the Telephone which had been used as a wiper!

The smear of shit, on close inspection was found to be a pot—bellied—purple—nosed—barbarian named [index] STARBUCK. Last but not least is a ding—ball named BANE, [index] the insane drivelings [sic] of a drunken fuck. But don’t let us forget RUOFF. This turd is ‘so calm, so soft’, yet so eloquent, that it is really a dirty shame to mention him.

This paper is the organ of the noble order of Shit—House Cleaners, which selected Van [illegible:R??kick] and Nick Robertson, because they are the dirtiest men in town. The public judge of the wisdom of the society’s choice.

Hopefully they had fun writing this because, again per WikipediA, it got them expelled and their degrees delayed. Still it tends to disprove the notion that the past was all dainty and didn’t know anything about carnal or scatological matters.

  1. No idea. Genericized trade mark for a bed pan or something? 
  2. Also unsure of. Likely some periodic slang. Possibly a student or staff who was remarkably expelled or fired. 
  3. I am almost certain this is a now long-forgotten euphemism for the same “self-abuse” that the unnamed leading man is indicted for. 

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