Versioning is getting out of hand

I know the tendency these days is for rapid release of software, but I prefer the older, slower incrementing software. Consider that (MS) DOS went from 1.x to 6.x in over 10 years, while Firefox (for example) has gone up to 52 (!) in that time.

Does anyone remember the 0.x releases of Firefox (Phoenix/Firebird back then) and how exciting each release was. Especially memorable was how much better things were than the odious IE 6 SP1 that was really the only competition. Vile!

For me, the best release hype was for 1.5 (which was originally 1.1), as that was the first version with differential updates. The earlier versions would tell you you could update it, but then you just downloaded a full installer and used that to overwrite the previous install. I waited so long for that. I didn’t care so much for the “delicious delicacies” as others did, I did dislike the awesomebar when it first came out, but now rather enjoy it. I guess I am my father’s son, in that way.

I also remember the days of codenaming releases. The only code name I remember is “One Tree Hill”, which was I think 1.0. Also, somewhere along the line they went to four numbers: That didn’t last too long before they went back to the more usual three: 0.0.0.

Anyway, this all came to mind because of this:


It took me some time before I could sort out those zeros and ones and realize it wasn’t downgrading me.

Also, who remembers The Charlton Company now?

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