Stuck in the Middle (with You)

So the song I referenced in the title isn’t the greatest ever, but it is a perfectly vague segue into my subject…

In Anglo-American human naming conventions, people have three names: a first, usually only one middle, and a last. The last name is traditionally their father’s last name while the first and middle are pickt to uniquely identify this person.

For the most part, people are referred to by their first and last names. “John Smith” instead of “John Davis Smith”. For some people, this is the other way around and they are only ever referred to by their full legal name: first, middle and last. Removing their middle name can seriously short out recognition of them. Here are some examples:

  1. Martin King
  2. Harriet Stowe
  3. John Kennedy
  4. James Cooper
  5. William Thackeray
  6. Edgar Poe
  7. Elisha Betterson
  8. David George
  9. Andrew Webber
  10. Arthur Doyle
  11. John Eccles
  12. Sandra O’Connor
  13. Ruth Ginsberg

Any guesses what their full names are, without using external aid?


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