Sleeping and exhaustion

I feel like blogging about my medical problem(s). If you’re not interested you can skip this post.

To be clear, I’m not expecting a diagnosis from my readers. I am seeing a doctor about this.

For several years now I’ve had a depression. Now that seems to be mostly treated by medicine, however I have not been able to clear up my sleep problems.

I have had, for almost as long as I can remember, irregular sleep patterns. I was always up to midnight as a child, reading books and consequently sleeping to noon the next day. Books would keep me up.

Now that is no longer the case and I usually go to sleep with the Sun. Right about now it is dark and I am yawning. I also don’t like to get up before it is light out, which is annoying since I have to be up to go to work.

For the past few months (if I recall correctly) I have been sleeping my usual 8 to 10 (at most 12) hours per night, but about every week (it seems) I have a catastrophic failure at sleeping. Today I was up at 6 AM as usual for work, but could not stay awake. I ended up sleeping almost unbroken to 4 PM. Now that it is dark again (about 2 hours later), I’m tired again.

This is highly inconvenient for my attempts to work a semi-normal workday as well as keep feeling passable. I hope Allie Brosh is OK.

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