Different PCs, different thoughts

Something that may not be new to anyone, but I noticed repeatedly enough I was able to blog about it.

I have three PCs currently and they all make my mind think differently (none of them are Macintoshes, sorry), like a chameleon my mind adapts to each. Here’s how:

  1. Tablet PC. This is a cheap little affair that is neither old nor reliable. I have to keep it plugged in or it turns off in its sleep. I use it in bed to read Gutenberg books, follow the news, and read current eclectic matter as I define that. While using it my mind wanders to things like what I should blog, how tired I am, and the nature of humor.
  2. “Main” PC. This is a tower PC that is pretty powerful but rarely used because I don’t have the time anymore. Instead of being happy using it to play games or blog, it collects dust until I have a spurt of productivity and so use it. I’m typing on it now.
  3. Work PC. Used to do editing of manuscripts for my part time work. Reminds me of happy past days I’ve had using it. Also only used when I have productivity.

As you can see, the biggest problem is getting thoughts from the blogging-thought PC #1, to the actual blogging PC, #2. Very annoying is the fact that I can’t type nearly as quickly or accurately on the screen as I can on this old IBM Model M.

Well, I can still try when I have the time to do it.



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