I feel I should apologize shortly for not posting. So there, I just did. Maybe.

At work, some of my job is checking work done by people and firms the State contracts with.

Sadly they don’t always know what’s best and I’m too new to know. Example: While removing a piece of equipment, a contractor person accidentally cut through a fire pipe and lost probably 2000 L of water as well as putting part of the fire suppression system out of use for about 20 hours.

The annoying part was that I wasn’t smart enough to say to check behind a panel where they were cutting blind. I know that it seems blatantly obvious now, and it is. It wasn’t then because I was blinded by the contractor’s self assurance. So was he.

Anyway, they notoriously did this, which caused a huge annoyance to everyone. Fortunately I escaped without real recrimination but learned the lesson for free. They had to pay maybe 4000 USD for it.

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