Mistakes were made … by Readers’ Digest

Normally I don’t patronize Readers’ Digest. My grand mother had a cardboard box filled with them that I used to read when I was visiting her place when very young and was up late at night, as I nearly invariably was. This was before computers.

Anyway, I found a posting by “RD” that listed what it considered stupid laws from the 50 states. These are fodder for satire everywhere and even some websites (I won’t link to them because they are usually trash) pretend to collect them.

To their (RD’s) credit, they didn’t just pull stock photos of typical immages of the states (St. Louis Arch, Golden Gate bridge, etc.) from somewhere, but created standardized images for them. Here’s one:


The color scheme isn’t my real concern, but the bizarre deformity of the state. To see what I mean, here is a map of New Jersey correctly.

Fortunately NJ isn’t that badly messed up, unlike its neighbor and sometime adversary, Delaware:


Delaware looks only partially like that, being much more hooked.

Finally, what is a just plain screwup:


While not a cartastrophe, the maps are messed up in their own way, I think. I suppose I could blame Emma Kapotes for this, but I don’t know if that copyright line is really accurate, or if she was responsible for the mistake(s) here. Some of them may have been just a base map problem.

EDIT: Forgot to include the link: http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/smart-living/here-are-50-of-the-dumbest-laws-in-every-state/ss-BBwZV5c

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