I got a PC!

In the continuing adventure of the junior civil servant…

After some over a month from the day I started at the agency, and some time since I’ve posted last, I now have a officially designated computer for my use. Until now I had been hopping on other people’s PCs when they were away and using my domain account (We’re a Windows shop) to get access to my Emails and similar.

The PC didn’t come with a desk, so they had to shove a part timer’s stuff into a corner of his desk and then set it up there. Eventually I’ll get a desk.

As an aside, there are approximately 3, possibly 4, different back office systems I have different accounts and different passwords to:

  • The domain itself and legacy in-house coded intranet
  • The virtual timesheets (we don’t have a timeclock)
  • An external cloud paperwork system
  • The mileage tracking system, which I am not on yet.

Also, the printers here (Two of them) are finicky. The color one doesn’t work right for some people, resulting in high ASCII and control characters being spat out. The other one, a traditional xerox machine (literally in this case) was causing Windows to not function correctly and Word to crash.

I STILL do not have a State identification, but they know me by sight at the facility, so I just “sign the [log] book”.

I am also learning that “they also serve who stand and wait”.

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