New news about the Civil Service

I last posted about annoyances in the provisioning of equipment for me to do my work. They are still present.

Fortunately, I can now get into one of the state facilities we are working on with just a license. Having done so, I got to see the POWER HOUSE.

This place has four boilers that are absolutely huge to me. They are oil fired and one is open for cleaning now, so you can see the tubes that pick up the heat. The one that is currently working for hot water has a sight glass in it so you can see the thing running inside, which is impressive. Of course the place is swelteringly hot and there are fans everywhere.

In the back, where the heat exchangers are, one is down for service and is being taken apart. The boilermakers are doing this. I have great respect for this one because he has worked out how to get the tube bundle out of the shell despite it being about 12 feet above grade and must be a meter diameter and is of course made of steel or something and must weigh 10 tons.

They are also installing a new backup generator. The electrical contractor is also an intelligent man: on discovering the current conduit underground had collapsed and been compromized, he looked around and found an abandoned, but good condition one that lead to the same place. Using this saved who knows how much coinage and time. He showed me the new work (it was not energized yet) and explained some of their technique.

I didn’t get to see the roofers working, because they were on the roof and I didn’t have access to it yet. I’ve only got partial access to this one site, and none to the other nearby. That should be partially rectified next week.

Time marches on. I’ve also gotten brave enough to small talk with some of the other staff in our trailer. I like them.

Also, in checking the mail today, I find that I have FINALLY gotten my appointment letter. It has been two weeks and two days since I started working. It also tells me to report to the WRONG PLACE.

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