In the STAte SERvice

At the end of the week I will have been working for the State for a week.

It has been miserable, but maybe not for the reason you may think.

With occasional exceptions, I have had really nothing to do. To me this is seriously annoying. I need something to apply myself to, or I mentally break down. I can’t even volunteer to do anything.

The reason for this is that the three things I need to do any work at all here, a username, a PC and a State identification papers, are not supplied to me yet. For some reason, instead of being provisioned for as soon as a hiring decision is made, they can only be generated/supplied AFTER my first day and some forms are filled out and signed. This is up-one-side-and-down-the-other wasteful. My SID may come next week, in which case I can start looking around the inside of buildings to discover what they are like and the ongoing projects. The PC and username should come within 3 (!) weeks.

The upshottery of this is that the State is going to pay me potentially two pay periods for almost nothing. My hours (8½) make this more of a loss to the State. Finally I brought a book into work to read to pass the time. I hate being this unproductive.


2 thoughts on “In the STAte SERvice

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