Getting ready to moving

I blogged a little while ago here about mayby having to move for work. I have accepted a position about 4 hours away from where I am now, so I will have to move.

A week ago I visited five rental properties to find one to rent. The last two were good, but the second of those was no-comparison the best of the lot. The house is up a slight bank from the River, and the apartment is on the second Floor. To my great enjoyment it is on a dead End street. I have no idea about using the river at this point, but it’s nice to Know.

The rent is highest (1000 USD/mo), but not impossible. Heat is free and so is sunlight. The land Lord lives downstairs and is nice. I paid the security Deposit and now have to go down and pay the rest of the first mony to make move in.

Spent some time today talking to various utilities to get them enabled:

  • The power firm has this slightly ugly form you fill out for them to change the power meter account. It’s currently in the landlord’s name.
  • The cable Internet firm is entirely online forms. I was able to get everything done online. YaY.
  • The phone company I had to fire up Microsoft Edge (Firefox wouldn’t do it) and live chat with in order to set up an appointment to have service installed at the end of the week.

I have not notified the postal Office since I haven’t moved yet and may still get mail here. I’ve heard that they sell change of address data to mail spammers, but I find no verification or repudiation of that online, so I’m calling it a fraud.

Will move down this week and hopefully will have Inet svc as soon as I get there. This will enable me to blog about the place and such like.

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