More about filmstrips

Previously I posted about a box that had filmstrips in it. Here is the side of it, detailing the interesting logo that looks reminiscent of Planned Parenthood’s, and the subject matter of the filmstrips:

Side of a filmstrip box. Text: UNITED LEARNING. YOUR INVISIBLE ARMY (An Introduction To The Healing Process) 4 Sound Filmstrips Catalog No. 902

On second thought, I think that the logo is supposed to be a butterfly on a plant, but can’t be sure because it’s so abstracted in a 1970s way.

Further research suggests that it lasted to 2003 when it was bought up by the Discovery people. The logo by then was this:

Last United Learning logo. Tagline: Your Educational Partner for a Changing World

I can’t tell what that logo, a Lissajous figure, is supposed to represent.

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