Fear of… what?

I have a… well not a problem, since it doesn’t really cause me any loss, but… let’s say a mental twitch.

I have a two hard drives in my PC: a ~120 GB SSD, C:, that I use for Windows, programs, save game states and whatever files I keep on my desktop immediately. These are usually either transient or things that I need to keep immediately before me.

The second drive, my D: drive, is a 1.8 TB drive that I got thinking that I’ll never fill it up. This is quite likely to be true because of my “twitch”: Even though there is plenty of space (over 1 TB free) I still feel compelled to go through and delete things because they are “taking up space” – quite literally true, but practically pointless because of the size of the drive.

To be clear, the stuff on the drive is old matter that may have ephemeric value or historical interest. It does not impede my ability to work or find what I need to find on the thing. Search functions have advanced so that I can find what I want in those cases when I can’t remember the directory structure.

Visually I see the drive as a huge Area or Region and the data on it as development. I would rather have a small, compact, “easily defendable” development than a huge one – even though there is no one to attack it. My disk drives do not have barbarians on them.

Basically, there is zero harm or risk to leaving the data on the drive, but I feel like I must weed it. Is this a holdover from the days of Conner 210s and 1.44 MB 3½s? Or playing too much Civilization?


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