A Judeo-Christian Confederate ephemera

Yes, that Confederacy.


If anyone can explain any of this to me, or what lead to it, I would be greatly appreciative, since it is such an oddball thing to me, especially the (Jewish) Star of Davids included with only (slightly corrupted) New Testament quotes. Additionally, the promissory statement is only half there. On the original notes it promised to pay the bearer in gold after the peace treaty that never happened.

For reference, I found this laying next to the trash can outside a rest stop on a controlled access toll road in a state that never had any Confederate presence beyond maybe some Copperheads.

Bonus points if anyone can identify the person (some Confederate general it looks like) in the corner. [Edit: carnotcycle identified it as “Stonewall” Jackson below.]

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2 thoughts on “A Judeo-Christian Confederate ephemera”

    1. I think you are correct! A quick search for “stonewall jackson confederate 500” turns up plenty of images of a 500 dollar note with him in the corner. Good catch.


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