New post time!

I had not realized how long since my last post here: almost a month! Unfortunately I haven’t any new ephemera or bad interfaces to share right now. I do have some news on my personal life, if that is of interest to anyone:

Interviews aplenty. I had one yesterday at one end of the state (about 2 hours drive each way) and now on Friday have three at the other end of the state (about 3 hours drive each way). Additionally I just set up another one locally that I’ll have on next Tuesday.

My societal life continues to be really nothing. I’m waiting for work that I can then meet people at and be away from home for. Currently it is hard to justify going out for no reason, and not to meet anyone specifically.

The chickens are still alive despite the fox. I would let it eat the useless Cocks, but that would be too harsh on the chickens and probably is improper anyway.

I am still tired from that big trip yesterday. I slept heavily at night and into the morning and now am still tired. Unfortunately it is that tiredness that is hard to work with. I am mentally awake but physically tired, so I want to do something but can’t physically keep at anything.

I have to mail a water bill later today and also pick up some pills at the pharmacy. Yey for variety.

It is hot here. So much so, the ayr conditioning is on. It’s not that hot yet, but it will be later in the day, if the Weather Svc is correct. Heat makes me think of Thermo. Of course there are examples a plenty in the warm and hot atmosphere, but it almost seems like everything has been found out that can be there. Of course there are still researches to be done, but they, I feel, would be more esoterical. We already know about our gross phenomena. Someone like Carnotcycle could of course prove me wrong somehow, if he chose to.

You can tell I’m tired since I am rambling so much. I will post this and retire to my couch to sleep and/or read light matter from Gutenberg.

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