Hypermarking by a Microsoft coder

I’ve noticed something about industrial/intellectual property marking: the bigger or more established the company or undertaking, the more understated the marking. For example, Mozilla Firefox’s about box (The traditional place for dropping IP notices) just has a small type note that “Firefox and the Firefox logos are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation”.

In contrast, small time operators usually go overboard with the ©®™ stuff. I have decided to call this “hypermarking”. The thought of the thesis above came from my observing an example of it in, of all places, Microsoft Windows.

Annoyed by the fact that my PC was randomly waking from sleep for no good reason (like backups or similar), I found out that a task in the task scheduler called “mcupdate_scheduled” was waking it up to… check for updates to Windows Media Center (the “mc” in the name). While disabling this, I found that you could configure the service for different versions of Windows:


Media Center update task properties

Note the hypermarking. Windows gets a ® for 7, but the others are just regular ™. Windows 10 is, if this is to be believed, not trademarked at all (clearly false).

Now compare this to the official word in the Windows 10 about box (winver.exe):


The official word.

A copyright statement and a somewhat verbose statement of trademarking, but no profusion of typographical symbols. Much better.

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