Honeywell’s crap ATS search function

Going to Honeywell’s careers page and trying to search for a position (for example here, an engineering position) shows two problems.

Here is an image of the search options for reference:


First, despite this being an international company, you can’t specify a country. A quick search for “business” turns up tons of results, most of which are from a country you probably aren’t allowed to work in. I’m in the United States and of the first ten results, seven are in countries I do not have citizenship in.

Second, you are arbitrarily limited in your posting date. Other ATS/HR software suites allow the applicant to search for jobs posted since X date, where X is any date. Restricting you to “today”, “7 days”, “30 days”, and “Any” (the slider doesn’t stop between the options) is bizarre and has no reason that I can see.

I know they could do better than this.

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