Current Events!; or, another lost business

EDIT (May 9, 2016): Added a “read more” line for people on slow connexions.

From my my grand mother’s attic, here is this paper binder cover for a series of juvenile magazines about the current affairs of the day:


I do not know to a certainty, but I am thinking this is Art Deco, or possibly Streamline Moderne.

Anyway, there are two of these things, both about an inch thick with magazines called “Every Week” inside of them:


The hard to find colophon says that it is one of two current events series and is published by American Education Press, Inc. and was once located at both:

400 S. Front St., Columbus, Ohio

580 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.

The best I can give you on this is to refer you to the Wikipedian page on another of their publications, Weekly Reader.

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