Another lost business

Similar to Gioia, I found this in my grand mother’s attique:


It is a 10 ream paper box. I have no idea what happened to the company, other than it disappeared in the pre-Internet days, so there is no record of it online… at all.

Any information would be welcome. It is a beautifully designed logo, especially the semicircle dots on the lowercase i’s.

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4 thoughts on “Another lost business”

  1. No doubt it is one of those predecessors to the copying machine. I have typed many a master and cranked out 1,000’s of inked copies in the past. Got tennis elbow from the cranking once. (Businesses and institutions utterly depended on them long ago, for creating cheap multiple copies.)–Carol

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  2. If you are interested, you might find old city directories that include the company listing with its city address and more detail. These annual directories are often collected in local libraries’ historical collections. Old newspaper collections there sometimes hold files about companies like that, that went out of business. Maybe the local chamber of commerce could be a help too. (Just some ideas if you long to know more.)


      1. That does make it difficult! If it were me, I might contact a library in the largest, nearest city nearby, to see if their reference department could tell you anything. Makes it a fishing expedition I know. (But my curiosity would be sharpened by such an object too.) Good luck!

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