A new HR annoyance

I have already written about my dislike of HR people who don’t send rejection letters. I’ve got a new one: HR people who don’t respond to late-information queries.

Here’s my scenario: I interviewed about a week ago for a position. At the end of the interview I asked the usual question, “when can I expect to hear back?”. I was told that if I didn’t hear anything by this (past) Friday to call or Email them.

You can guess the rest. I didn’t hear on Friday so I Emailed and asked. Nothing yet.

This particular case is marginal since they’ve only had a little while to read the Email. In other cases I’ve gone weeks after an followup contact with no reply. If things are taking a while longer than they anticipated, a simple reply with an updated time (such as next Friday) would be the right thing to do. If they’ve found someone else, a good rejection letter is appropriate.


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