Two minor user interface choices on VirtualBox

VirtualBox is – as a general user I have to say – a really neat program. A free and open program from Oracle (ex Sun Microsystems) it lets you do virtualization on a reasonably powerful PC with a smooth interface and options. It’s like VMware but free.

I did spot a couple of problems with the interface when I was using it though1.

I had created a virtual machine2 and decided to change some configuration. After doing this I saved the changes and got this progress bar:


The first problem is visible immediately: There is no cancel button. Instead, you have to click the close button (the ×). I don’t know if this is per Windows standard, but it seems like it makes it harder to find than needed.

Secondly, notice the question mark in the titlebar? Ideally you could click that and then click some other part of the box and get a tooltip explanation. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this box that has an explanation attached to it, making the button useless.

To be clear, these are minor matters that are very far from “breaking” the program and really could be passed over in favor of more important things. I’m posting these partially to see if anyone else agrees with me or if I am missing something. If so, please post below so I can find out.

  1. This was on version 5.0.x, probably 5.0.16. 
  2. As you can tell from the titlebar, it was a test-run of a Windows 10 installation. 

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