Strange pictogram from the Yucatan

Well, not the State of Yucatan, but its neighbor on the Yucatan Peninsula, the amusingly named to English speakers State of Quintana Roo.

I was visiting their legislative website1 when I noticed a sort of “speed dial” function if you scroll down. This is where you have a bunch of functions or links arranged in a grid like a telephone keypad so you can just click a link with a picture instead of having to… just click a normal link. I’m not a UI or UX designer so I can’t really explain why they are a good idea.

What I can do is explain why I think this icon is strange:


First of all, the states of Mexico use a presidential system, also known as a separation-of-powers system. There is a separate executive which is elected apart from the legislature. In other words, I don’t think “parlamento” is correct here.

Secondly, what is the baby doing? It looks like it’s trying to ride a broomstick? Or is it a vacuum cleaner? What does that have to do with legislating?

As an aside, most governmental websites for children are hideous. I think this one is about as bad as any.

  1. Evidently all of the legislatures of the States of Mexico are called “Congress”. Whether this is a reflexion on the federal one in Mexico City or the other federal one further north I do not know. 

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