And now, a bad federal phone number

Previously I posted about a civil service job opening that had an obviously spurious email address. Now I’ve found the reverse case, a job opening with a nonexistent phone number:


The only time I’ve seen that number before was when someone spoofed a caller ID on me.

Also, what a long Email address! I don’t think I’ve seen anything that hierarchical before in a direction. Let’s see…

  • USARMY is obvious.
  • APG I have no idea about
  • CHRA is probably the Civilian HR Agency – if you can get past the annoying javascript popup.
  • NE is maybe northeast?
  • MBX is mailbox – kind of redundant for an Email address I think.
  • The rest should be obvious.

And of course the DoD (or at least the Army) would have such a thing as a “Central Resume Processing Center”.


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