Waiting… pending…

I have two Email accounts. One is left over from my college days (a .edu) and one is the one I use now (a free service one) after ditching the one I first got back in 1995 or so.

I had a job interview over the phone last Friday and was told I should hear back by this Friday. I hadn’t so I sent an Email to my interviewer requesting a status update. This is a civil service affair, and it is really exactly what I went to school to learn for, so I’d be super psyched if I got it.

At the same time, I finished some part time work I had been doing and sent it back to my distantly located supervisor for acceptance. This person is really the last one who still uses my old .edu address. I may sometime request she use the other one, but I haven’t yet.

So, I have two Email accounts open and am fighting the urge to refresh each of them every 5 seconds or so because I know that won’t make them reply any faster.

I need to take a shower and shave, my facial hair is annoying me badly.

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