Well that wasn’t helpful, Windows

I was bored and my PC could use a cleaning, I determined to “reset” Windows. This is something new in Windows 8 that was carried over to Windows 10 (unlike the “refresh” option) that essentially reinstalls Windows in place without having to boot from install media.

After going to Settings and selecting the options to do it, Windows restarted… and froze. I was stuck looking at a screen where I was supposed to select my keyboard layout, but was unable to on account of having no keyboard or mouse. My mouse (Actually a trackball) didn’t even have power from USB and my keyboard (an IBM Model M PS/2) wouldn’t respond to Num Lock or a Ctrl+Alt+Del three-fingered salute. I was forced to do a hard reset.

Fortunately Windows didn’t try this again, it just booted normally and gave me an error message when I logged in. So I commend its error recovery, but I didn’t get a chance to reset it. ):

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